optimiSearch Engine Optimisation

SEO ensures that a site is accessible to search engines and improves the chances of your site being found during a search. Our experienced search engine specialists will increase your web rankings through dedicated and proven SEO techniques.  Many of our clients are ranking on the first page of search engines such as Google for their most important keywords.

Millions of searches are conducted on search engines every day. It is the main method people use to find what they are looking for on the Internet and often the first place they look.

Why SEO?

Our search engine experts are best qualified to raise your website’s position in the search engine results pages (SERP’s).  Many more visits equate to many more sales!

The higher your website is ranked in the results of a search, the greater the chance your site will be visited. Internet users don’t bother clicking through pages and pages of search results, so a site which ranks in the first 3 pages is vital for getting more traffic to your site.  Only seven percent of people go further than the third page of search engine results when looking for information. Good rankings are vital if you want traffic from search engines.

Some search engines charge for submissions and advertising, while others are free. It is possible to get your site well ranked by submitting to free engines. Major search engines like Google will list your site for free. Some popular search engines are: Yahoo!, Google, Meta Crawler, Altavista, Hotbot, Excite!, Ananzi, Aardvark.


Professional search engine submission

Our search engine experts are in tune with the latest SEO techniques and will give your site the best chance possible of being found on the internet. We are able to produce and manage all aspects of your internet marketing strategy. These services are available to all clients who host with us.

Starter Packages

Submissions to selected major search engines. This includes keyword META optimisation. Directories are a great way to get incoming links which count as votes for your site.  The more credible votes you get, the better search engines will regard your website.  We will submit your website to the most effective directories for your industry.

Monthly Plan

For best results, ongoing SEO is necessary. We offer custom strategy plans where your meta data and keywords are adjusted on a monthly basis to get your site well-indexed. We use a program to test how your site is ranking on the web, and provide you with detailed results on a monthly basis.

PPCPay-per-Click Campaigns

This is the placement of adverts next to search results on engines such as Google Adwords and partner websites. You only pay if your adverts are clicked on.

With fine tuning and a relatively small advertising budget, your adverts can be placed on the first page of results.

Compared to other countries, this is still a relatively untapped type of advertising in South Africa so the sooner you get started, the sooner you will be able to get the edge over your competitors!

The beauty of Pay-per-click is that the people who click on your advert are interested in what you have to sell.  This is the most important kind of visitor, what we refer to as a highly qualified enquiry. This type of visitor is already looking for your product or service and with a good website it is very easy to close the sale.

For best results, it is recommended that we manage your online campaign to ensure that your adverts are performing optimally and that you are getting the best value out of your keywords.

Google Adwords Management:

  • Unmanaged (Setup only)
  • Semi-Managed (Partially Managed by us)
  • Fully Managed (recommended for best results)

Ultra SEO Package

Ultra SEO includes every possible facet of SEO to give your site the best possible boost it needs to perform well on search engines and outrank your competitors.  The SEO requirements of every site is different, so we will assess your site and provide you with a quotation based on the types of search engine optimisation which your site requires. This ongoing SEO is spread over a pre-determined period of time and targets are set at the start. Actual performance is measured and acted upon during the SEO process and a final report is delivered at the end of the agreed term.

Free Advertising Methods

There are many websites which offer free advertising in return for a commission on referred sales. This is a great way to get extra business without breaking the bank. While the adverts are free, it takes a little time for us to liaise with the respective companies to get your material placed. There is a nominal once-off setup fee to place your company on each website.  This is something which clients with more reserved budgets may prefer to do on their own – we will supply a list of establishments which can be contacted to obtain free adverts (the list varies depending on the type of industry).

Paid Advertising

We have some fantastic options for paid advertising on high reputation websites, which will give a great return on investment. Because of the range of advert types, websites and costs, we quote a once-off fee on a per-advert basis.

Web PR / Article Writing / Blogs

Writing and submitting articles to important directories is a great way to build credibility on the web and gain inbound links. Our copywriter is qualified in writing for the media and has many years experience writing search-engine friendly copy. This combination will give your blog the powerful edge it needs to net new visitors and drive more traffic to your website.

socialSocial Media

The advent of social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook has touched SEO in a profound way. Many SEO experts are including social media platforms as part of a complete SEO strategy. Contact us for more information about social media marketing.


The sooner you get started with SEO, the sooner you will benefit. Contact us for a free evaluation.